Qatar World Cup 2022: Tickets Price and Other Details

The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. It is held every four years and fans from all over the world come to cheer on their team. The next World Cup will be held in Qatar in 2022 which is in two days. In this blog post, we will explore the ticket prices for the Qatar World Cup 2022 and other important details. We will also discuss how this World Cup is different from previous ones and what fans can expect. So if you are planning on attending the Qatar World Cup, read on for more information.

FIFA has already sold almost 8 lakh tickets in the first round of ticket sales, which concluded on April 29. FIFA will organize a final round of ticket sales later this year.

Qatar World Cup 2022 Overview:

Qatar will be the first Arab state to host the World Cup.
The tournament is scheduled to take place in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December 2022.
It will be the first World Cup held entirely in Asia and the first in winter.
The final will be played at Lusail Iconic Stadium, which is currently under construction and is expected to have a capacity of 86,000 spectators.

The 32 countries that are expected to take part in the quadrennial event will be hosted at eight stadiums: Lusail Iconic Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, Stadium 974, Al Thumama Stadium, Education City Stadium, Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, Khalifa International Stadium, and Al Janoub Stadium.

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Ticket Prices for the Qatar World Cup:

The price of World Cup tickets in 2022 has been publicly released by FIFA. Tickets for group matches varied in price from $105 to $210, while those for the championship game costed between $455 and $1,100.

And on November 21, 2021, registration for tickets will open. Here you may find information on tickets for the QATAR World Cup 2022. Many teams have already qualified for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, while many more are still trying to do so.

However, there will be fewer opportunities for spectators to see games from the stadium because to the COVID-19 pandemic and reduced grading in the Qatar World Cup Stadium. Millions of people have yearned to attend this legendary event, but only the best hotels and stadiums have limited space but the facility is top-notch.

Not even the world’s biggest tournament has escaped, with the league thrown into disarray in 2020, Euro 2020 likewise postponed until 2021, and we can’t say the same for the FIFA World Cup. But there is still hope for the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Tickets and hospitality packages are now available. FIFA has released the ticket pricing; to purchase your ticket, go to the FIFA website.

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When will be the ticket will be available?

Many fans are very excited about the 2022 FIFA World Cup and want to watch the game from the stadium, therefore you can apply for tickets at any moment. You can apply for the ticket on FIFA’s website, and you can also view the hospitality package below.

Not to worry, the tickets for the 2022 FIFA World Cup have been released.

Price of the QATAR World Cup 2022 Ticket?

Price of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket (Image:

Individual match tickets are categorized into four categories by FIFA, as well as a special category called “Accessibility Tickets.” The Accessibility Tickets are specifically designed for disabled individuals and people with limited mobility to purchase.
Tickets from category 1 through category 3 are available for purchase online for people all around the world. The category 4 tickets are only available to Qatar residents.

You may now apply for tickets via FIFA’s official website, which is currently in high demand. A ticket for a group match may cost between $105 and $210, while a ticket for the final may cost between $455 and $1,100. All tickets are priced in Qatari riyals (QAR) and are available to both Qatari locals and international visitors. Below is a list of the 2022 FIFA World Cup Ticket Prices, complete with prices.

MatchesPrice in Doller (2018 World Cup)Price in QAR/Doller (2022 World Cup)
Opening match$220-$550QAR 250 ($69) – QAR 800 ($220) 
Another group matches$105-$210QAR 250 ($69) – QAR 800 ($220) 
Round of 16 $115-$245QAR 350 ($96) – QAR 1000 ($250) 
Quarterfinals$175-$365QAR 750 ($205) – QAR 1500 ($425) 
Semi-Finals$285-$750QAR 1300 ($357) – QAR 3480 ($995) 
Final$175-$365QAR 2200 ($605) – QAR 3650 ($1002) 
Price of the QATAR World Cup 2022


With the Qatar World Cup just around the corner, fans from all over the world are getting excited for what promises to be an incredible tournament. If you’re planning on attending, make sure to get your tickets early and familiarize yourself with all of the important details so that you can have the best possible experience. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you at the Qatar World Cup in 2022!

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